Didier Leclaire

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(Picture by Evert Stroet)


Hi. I’m Didier. I’m a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and music educator.

Bands and project I’m working on/with:

  • Fuze | medley-oriented coverband (upcoming)
  • Formation | Beyonce tribute project
  • Hollandse Vedettes Van Vroeger (Tamara Tol) | old Dutch songs in theatre (upcoming)
  • Alias | coverband in cooperation with a catering business
  • Private teaching
  • Setting up my YouTube channel
  • Co-writing with Rosalie Meijer
  • Co-writing with Pien Kuipers
  • Ben Church | Our songs and arrangements, influenced by (classic) soul, neo-soul, blue-eyed soul, funk, jazz and pop.

Check out the three different pages to learn more about my specific roles in the music industry.




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